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Research studies at a glance

The Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS) and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) work closely together in everything that has to do with the electromagnetic environmental compatibility of public safety digital radio.

In November 2008, an administrative agreement was adopted to guarantee the exchange of information on scientific research results and on specific aspects of electromagnetic environmental compatibility.
On its website, the BfS provides a summary of the state of knowledge and current research on TETRA radio signals:

In addition to the scientific studies on the electromagnetic environmental compatibility of TETRA radio signals that have been conducted so far, the BDBOS took precautionary measures and commissioned two studies that examine the influence of TETRA terminal equipment on users of such equipment, i.e., police officers. The BfS had recommended these topics to the BDBOS and was also responsible for coordinating these studies.
A detailed description of the research studies and information on the research results can also be found on the BfS website:

A third study on an evaluating review, i.e. a critical assessment of other studies on the high-frequency band, e.g. mobile radio communication, is currently being prepared.