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20th Critical Communications World from May 15th to 17th in Berlin

Date: 2018.04.04

The Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS) is looking forward to welcome the global critical communications community in Berlin to jointly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Critical Communications World (CCWorld) conference and exhibition series. Being the operator of the largest TETRA-based network worldwide, BDBOS will proudly share its experiences, challenges ahead and expectations on the future with those who join us at the CCWorld 2018 from the 15th to 17th of May. We are prepared to make the event as exciting and dynamic as the city in which it takes place. We hope you will enjoy both the event and Berlin.

Prior to the regular conference programme, BDBOS will host a “Tactical Day” on May15th that is directed towards end users and first responders. This full-day workshop will start with international high-level speakers sharing their best practice on large scale operations based on first-hand experiences such as the Munich Security Conference (MSC), the G20 summit in Hamburg or the UCI Road World Championships in Norway. Several technical solutions to successfully manage such events will be presented by technology experts from BDBOS and other organisations. The implementation of load-based secondary control channels and the use of real-time monitoring are two of the topics you might find interesting. BDBOS is delighted to invite you to the Tactical Day. You can take part for free but have to register in advance. Please find the registration form here:

As a member of TCCA, BDBOS is also engaged in the CCWorld main conference talking about its current priorities and some of the challenges ahead. BDBOS CTO Thomas Scholle will give a key note on May 17th on the BDBOS’ nearest challenge, the modernisation of the TETRA network and its complete migration to IP. Barbara Held, Head of Directorate Operations at BDBOS and TCCA board member, will be chairing the Tactical Day. The head of the international standardisation team of BDBOS, Jürgen Rurainsky, will join international experts from the industry and standardisation bodies in a panel on 5G network slicing to discuss its development status as well as its capabilities and challenges for the critical communications community. The complete programme of the conference can be found here:

Last but not least, attendees will also find the BDBOS and representatives of several federal states in the German pavilion at the CCWorld exhibition. Some of the projects and tools that you will discover there are the demo version of the real time monitoring, the information about the current status of the radio coverage in Berlins subway and the georeferenced network monitoring tool from Lower Saxony. The on-site BDBOS personnel and its partners are looking forward to exchange experiences and knowledge with all interested visitors.

The entry for the Fairtrade is free of charge.

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