GSB 7.0 Standardlösung


The BOS digital radio network provides a range of different services:

Emergency calls:

This function allows users to interrupt ongoing calls to give priority to emergency calls by pressing an emergency button. The person making the emergency call can be located with the help of a GPS signal even if no voice communication is established.


Alerts are short text messages (alert messages) or numerical codes transmitted to an individual or a group of alert recipients in the BOS digital radio network.

Short Data Service (SDS):

This service consists of the transmission of tactical status reports and short data messages similar to an SMS sent by mobile phone. These messages can be sent to individual participants or groups of recipients.

Group communication:

Group communication can be used by a group throughout Germany or within a limited geographical area. A participant can belong to several groups at the same time.
GPS-based location of persons and vehicles: In addition to the functions used for operational management, location reports are automatically transmitted in case of emergency calls in line with requirements.


Secure end-to-end and air-interface encryption of group calls, text and alert messages by the BOS encryption system.

Services can be run with the help of the user management tool and controlled by network monitoring. The user management tool is a uniform tool available to users throughout Germany to manage participants, terminal equipment and services.

These services are continuously developed and improved so that once the digital radio network has been set up additional services will follow.