GSB 7.0 Standardlösung

Terminal equipment

Mobile terminal equipment and control roomes (tactical-technical operations centres) are essential for public safety digital radio (BOS digital radio).

The main mobile devices for BOS digital radio are handheld radio terminals (HRT), built-in mobile radio terminals (MRT) and active alarm receivers.

Control roomes are either stationary (FRT) or mobile radio control centres staffed with one or more operators. These control roomes are necessary for communicating with other users or for managing users of the BOS digital radio network. There are two kinds of radio control roomes: for data-only communication and for data-and-voice communication. The main function of BOS digital radio control roomes is to control the operations of the security authorities and organizations and to manage network use (allocation of users to communication groups; interconnecting groups, etc.).

Procurement of terminal equipment

Procurement of terminal equipment for BOS digital radio is decentralized, i.e. users are responsible for buying their own equipment. More: Procurement of terminal equipment …

Mobile Radio Terminal (refer to: Procurement of terminal equipment)