GSB 7.0 Standardlösung

Testing platform of the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS)

The BDBOS testing environment mirrors the real BOS digital radio network, particularly the network topology, the services and protocols, thus allowing the technical and functional characteristics to be tested under laboratory conditions.

It is used primarily to analyze the functionalities and proper functioning of terminal equipment and new system components before use in the live BOS digital radio network. Use of the testing platform is subject to the BDBOS Testing Platform regulation and requires a formal application (application form is provided by the BDBOS). Both documents are available below.

Please fill in and sign the application form and send it to the BDBOS by email ( or postal delivery together with the necessary documents at least four weeks before the testing period applied for. Please note that the BDBOS will not be able to make a binding reservation of the testing platform for an applicant before all required documents have been submitted. A paper copy of the application form is no longer requested, but will still be accepted.

The deadlines for submitting an application for use under Section 7 of the Testing Platform Regulation will be announced in good time on this website. Applications for the upcoming testing period starting on 04 Februar 2019 must be submitted by 10 December 2018.

If you have any questions concerning the testing platform, please send an email to:

If you have any questions concerning the certification of terminal equipment, please send an email to: